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The Triumph Collection is popular worldwide and offers profile horseshoes in steel and aluminium for a variety of disciplines such as eventing, cross-country and different rodeo applications.

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A collection designed for a variety of disciplines 

Available in both steel and aluminium, this collection meets the demanding needs of the professional farrier worldwide. Thanks to the drop forge forging technique, these horseshoes have a very high and fine finishing level. The horseshoes have the well-known Kerckhaert fit with a clean full V-crease and sufficient nail options. The various models require little additional forging and always feature sole relief and rolling on the toe. The steel horseshoes have boxed heels that provide the necessary support or space to place studs. The aluminium horseshoes are designed to give optimal support to the modern sport horse to maximise its performance. Besides sole relief and rolling, these irons also have Smart Finish so the shoe has more grip against the hoof. The Triumph models are available in front and hind shoes, normal or light weight and with or without clips. 

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•    Models with and without Radius clips
•    Profile horseshoes in steel and aluminium
•    Front and hind shoes in various models and sizes
•    High-quality base material for optimum horseshoe quality
•    Perfect fits with clean V-crease and nail holes with correct nail angle
•    Drop forged
•    Sole relief, roller section, boxed heels

Triumph collection