Liberty, a nail evolution

Innovative uncompromising hoof nails

Committed to the very best quality in design and material, as well as innovative designs makes Liberty the brand with the state-of-the-art hoof nails with minimal hoof impact and durability in use.

Nails to benefit horse


  • technically advanced
  • durable steel core, lasts 8-10 weeks with ease
  • easy clinching
  • fewer hammer blows needed
  • always consistent quality: buy 250 = use 250
  • strong box made of durable plastic
  • option of traditional steel or with Cu Shield Technoloy

Less damage to the hoof

  • extra smooth finish, extra sharp point
  • bevelled edges
  • less damage to the inside of the hoof and less chipping on the outside

The innovative brand


Cu Shield Technology

This unique and original technology for applying a copper coating to horseshoe nails provides long-lasting and effective natural antibacterial protection throughout the shoeing period.

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The innovative design of these nails brings simplicity while giving the farrier more options. With the same characteristics as all Liberty nails, this horseshoe nail replaces 32 different styles/sizes of nails.

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The Liberty Carrera combines a standard sturdy neck design with a super slim blade. The unique design replaces 10 different styles/sizes of race nails. Opt for traditional steel, Cu Shield Technology, as a secure nail or with non-slip. 

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Hybrid Secure HardTop

This nails has more material in the head for a better lock in the crease and a hardened nail crown for a wear resistance equal to the horseshoe.

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What Liberty users experience

Peter has been using Liberty CU hoof nails from the start and sees only benefits from them.
I see a huge difference in maintaining and preserving healthy hooves. It is a much healthier way of working and prevents infections. When taking the shoe off, you can still see that the copper is actively present.'

Peter Peers

Farrier | United Kingdom

Derek is a big fan of the Liberty Carrera Secure and uses the Cu variant of the nail. 
'It is a great nail. It nails perfectly and it doesn't move. I use the Cu nail, because I am convinced that if you can do something to eliminate a problem, you use it. If it saves one horse out of thousand, it is worth the use.'

Derek Poupard

Farrier | USA

Ed likes to use the Liberty FJ1 horseshoe nail:
"My favourite nail is the Liberty FJ1 as it's a small nail which is very strong and drives up the hoof accurately."

Ed O'Shaugnessy, A.W.C.F.

Farrier | United Kingdom

Peter Peers - kleur strook
Derek Poupard - kleur strook
Ed Oshaughnessy - kleur strook
about Liberty

Designed and made by Royal Kerckhaert

Introduced in 2010, Liberty claimed its place in the market with its innovative, uncompromising hoof nails. This Kerckhaert brand is fully committed to the very best quality in design and material, as well as innovative designs such as the CU Shield Technology programme.

All hoof nail designs start with the question of how they can work even better and more effectively. This combined with experiences of farriers and innovative developments makes Liberty state-of-the-art hoof nails. The focus is on the long-lasting and optimal hoof quality of the horse, but also on the farrier's work. Each Liberty hoof nail has exactly that specific shape, nail angle, sharpness and smoothness to slide into the hoof wall with minimal damage. The optimal hardness of the steel ensures a solid hoof nail that still remains flexible during nailing.

Liberty in house of brands

Building blocks of success

Liberty is a brand within the Kerckhaert House of Brands. It offers professional farriers the advantage of one dedicated partner offering the most specialised brands and products in their field. It serves as a convenient one-stop-shop, supplying all the essentials for high-quality and professional work.

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