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We believe the best way to forge the difference is to work on it together. Only by combining strengths can we make a long-lasting difference. In our world of forging together, there is room for personal growth, independence and teamwork. Appreciation for and satisfaction in our work as the key to a lasting drive. Passion for work fuelled by being able and allowed to do what you are good at and what makes you happy every day. Being part of a real family who together want to make a difference for themselves, the company and the world of farriery.


We exist to forge the difference in the world of farriers and horses.

together we forge the difference

Ever since 1906, when great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert founded the company, the Kerckhaert family has been forging the difference to support farriers and horses in their daily work and life. Four generations driven by a passion and vision passed down from father to son. The family vision, values and standards on which the company was built are still committed to continuity and room for entrepreneurship. We combine years of knowledge and practical experience with innovative and advanced technologies to develop high-quality and contemporary products with an eye for the proven traditions of farriery.  

Over the years, Kerckhaert has grown internationally and is the largest independent horseshoe manufacturer in the world. Together with our daughter companies, distribution centres and factories in Europe, America and Asia, we continue to make a difference worldwide. Growing internationally with respect for our Zeeuws-Vlaanderen roots. Together with our employees, partners and farriers worldwide, we form one big Kerckhaert family that continues to grow successfully to forge lasting added value in the world of farriery and the horse.


Do you have the Kerckhaert DNA?




Show initiative. Take full responsibility for your decisions and actions and be accountable for the resulting outcomes.


Be positive and treat others the same way you want to be treated.


Engage in open, effective dialogue. Exchange ideas, find solutions, listen effectively and speak thoughtfully.


Work together to achieve our mutual goals. Value different viewpoints and leverage diversity.


Seek opportunities. Be focused. Ask yourself daily: What did I do to make myself and Kerckhaert better?


Think outside the box. Be eager to do things better, faster and smarter


Share information. Teach and learn from each other. Promote education.


Be flexible. Initiate and embrace change, in order to grow.


Go the extra mile for our customers and partners.


Be part of our global enterprise. Use your individual skills to help achieve the success of the global organization

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Kerckhaert is a worldwide supplier and partner of farriers. We produce horseshoes, nails, tools and accessories for the professional farrier.

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