Quality  -   Let the horse stride

Great shape Great value

The Quality Horseshoe is the traditional Malaysian Horseshoe with the quality standards of Royal Kerckhaert horseshoes. Quality stands for simple, but powerful design made of high end materials to ensure a long term use.



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Respecting the traditions

The traditional values of the Malaysian horseshoe are intertwined with Royal Kerckhaert's traditional and innovative horseshoe development and production. This ensures the horseshoe remains true to its origins that meets the needs of today's professional farrier. Each Quality Horseshoe is known for its beautiful shape and design at an excellent value.

quality horseshoes

Your building blocks to succes

Success in a shoeing is not achieved by chance. You build it, building block by building block. Each brand within the House of Brands being a building block in shoeing horses. Mercury is a brand within the Kerckhaert House of Brands. This House of Brands represents our range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails and farrier tools. Discover the world of Kerckhaert brands.