Diamond, the must have tools in every farrier's tool box

The power of a dedicated brand

By staying true to its 1908 vision and translating it into the twenty-first century, Diamond develops tools that truly support farriers in their daily work. High-tech engineering and precision manufacturing allow the development of high-quality tools. Diamond offers confidence in consistent quality, availability, guarantee and price.



"We believe the best way to support farriers in their daily work is to commit to producing durable quality tools doing exactly what they are made to do allowing the farrier to work with less effort and ease.”

Did you know? 

  • -The longest legacy in the farrier tool industry. Founded in 1908 and still operating under the Diamond brand

  • -The largest tool manufacturer in the world. Originated in the USA and available worldwide uninterrupted since 1927.

  • -Kerckhaert brand since 2015
    Development and production following the known high standards of Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory.


  • -High-tech and modern factories with machines and robots that are built and adjusted according to the tools to be produced, ensuring constant product quality.

  • -Continued investment in product research and improvement guarantees up-to-date and modern tools.

  • -High production numbers guarantee continuous availability of the products.

  • -Products have a very low return on warranty.

The Diamond range


Farrier Tools

Diamond offers a wide range of tools. Robust tools for the real work

Diamond - Pads

Hoof Pads

Pads in leather or anti bacterial plastic giving optimum protection.

Diamond - studs


A range of options for extra traction and gripping.

Diamond - hoofcare


Hoof grease, hoof oil and supplements giving healty hoofs all chances.

What Diamond users experience

'To me the Diamond SP12 is still the best puller in the world. That's been mine for over 35 years. It was the first I ever used and I still use and love them today.'

Derek Poupard

Farrier | USA

'Les plaques Diamond en cuir sont assez élastiques et me permettent de faire un travail satisfaisant.'

Julien Hazard

Farrier | France

‘The Diamond Max Glide surprised me with the initial sharpness that holds it’s edge for a long period. It’s a lovely rasp to work with.’

Ed O'Shaugnessy, A.W.C.F.

Farrier | United Kingdom

Derek Poupard
Ed Oshaughnessy

Our brands worldwide

Diamond is a brand within the Kerckhaert House of Brands. This House of Brands represents our range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails and farrier tools. Discover the world of Kerckhaert brands: 

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