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Never underestimate the power of the original...

More than 20 years, Vettec offers a professional line of horse hoof care products worldwide. The variety of the Vettec products provides the hoof care professional to complete hoof repairs and glue on shoes the best way possible. All Vettec products have been developped to offer the best care for each individual horse and the ease in use for the hoof care professional. Vettec was the first to develop this hoof related materials and is known to be the A-brand in the market.

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Equine & Bovine

Vettec Super Mesh Pads3

The Equin Foot

Solving hoof problems and restoring the natural form and function of the equine foot. An extensive line of hoof related materials offer the needed possibilities for effective solutions.

bovine claw

The Bovine Claw

Give the cow the comfort of pain relief and the affected claw the chance to heal. Claw blocking with Bovi-Bond is fast, easy and durable.

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What farriers say...

I have used your products in several episodes of Animal Cops Houston. I used Super Fast on a mini, and I used Equi-Pak|CS on several sore horses... I've been using your products since they came out. I once showed a 2200lb Percheron at the Oklahoma State Fair with all 4 shoes glued on!... You guys have a great product! Keep up the good work!

Steve Wisnieski

Farrier | Houston, TX

It is a perfect product that works easily and hardens very well and nicely.

Herman de Jong

Farrier | The Netherlands

Home-Herman de Jong

Discover the equine Vettec silicones and adhesives

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How to use the Vettec? 

The free Step-by-Step Guide presents several applications with the Vettec products. Follow the steps to get the best results and complete an effective treatment.

  • prodcuct information and features
  • applications of several treatments
  • tips & tricks for fast solutions    
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Your building blocks of success

Success in a shoeing is not achieved by chance. You build it, building block by building block. Each brand within the House of Brands being a building block in shoeing horses. Vettec is a brand within the Kerckhaert House of Brands. This House of Brands represents our range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails and farrier tools.
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More about Vettec

hoof repair superfast

Hoof repair with Vettec Super Fast

Discover how farrier Bob Smith of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School treated this dammaged hoof with Vettec Superfast.

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Pu Certificate

All users of two-component urethane adhesives in the European Union, need to have a PU certificate since 24 August 2023.

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210cc cartridges

Industry 210cc standard cartridge

  • - Larger dispensing ports
  • - Locking collar holding tip in place
  • - After use airtight capping mechanism
  • - Durable tube design
  • - Interchangeable with all 200cc dispensers