Innovative race designs

The Steel Race Horseshoes collection offers a comprehensive range of horseshoes to provide race horses with optimal support where the horse needs it. The different models respond to the global needs of racehorses and blacksmiths.

steel race - Legend


Designed for winners

This collection is a response to the demand for high-quality steel horseshoes for various races around the world. The applied refined drop forged technique creates advanced models in terms of design and quality. The collection provides perfectly finished steel race shoes with nice clean edges for good grip, but also with beveled edges that help ensure the perfect fit and mobility. The high-quality steel is carefully selected so that the shoe remains sufficiently light, has the necessary wear resistance and offers every opportunity for quality crafting and adjustment.  


•    Drop forged horseshoes with and without Radius clips
•    Carefully selected base material according to horseshoe use and consistent quality
•    Fits with left and right creases, coarses and nail holes to the natural shape of the hoof
•    Wide range of front and hind models and sizes for specific requirements and disciplines
•    Clean nail holes with correct nail angle

Steel Race collection