Tradition in shoeing

The SN Collection is a traditional horseshoe collection. The basic design with the distinctive Olympic clip that sits slightly back in the shoe is best compared to traditionally forged horseshoes.

SN Clip


Innovative family traditions in an all-round horseshoe collection

The SN Collection has its origins with Kerckhaert's very first riding horseshoe. The basic design of the collection draws on traditional European shoeing and the four generations of knowledge passed down from father to son. The collection is distinguished primarily by the sturdy Olympic clip that sits slightly back in the shoe and is ideally suited for horses with thicker hoof walls. This traditional clip is set neatly into the hoof wall, allowing the horseshoe to form a beautiful unit with the hoof. In addition to the distinctive clip, the front and hind horseshoes in the SN Collection also have the familiar left and right Kerckhaert models with modified creases, coarseness and nail hole positions. Because the design of the horseshoes starts from the natural principles of the hoof, they require only minimal adjustments during the shoeing period.



•    Patented Olympic Clip® System
•    The horseshoe forms one unit with the hoof
•    High-quality steel for optimal horseshoe quality
•    Front and hind horseshoes in different models and sizes
•    Asymmetrical fits with left and right creases, coarseness and nail holes with correct pitch

SN collection