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Quality is the traditional Malaysian Horseshoe with the quality standards of Kerckhaert horseshoes. The shoes are known for their quality together with excellent value, making them an attractive choice for many farriers.

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Great shape - Great looks - Excellent value

Quality brings the heritage of the traditional Malaysian Horseshoe into the modern era, elevated by the renowned quality standards of Kerckhaert horseshoes. In an innovative approach, Quality Horseshoes are crafted on shoemaking machines that have been specially modified, designed, and maintained by Kerckhaert, ensuring unparalleled quality. Moreover, these horseshoes now embrace the rigorous quality standards and procedures upheld by Kerckhaert, blending timeless craftsmanship with contemporary excellence. The fusion of Malaysian Horseshoe's traditional values with the distinguished Kerckhaert Standards marks a new chapter in the legacy of quality horseshoe manufacturing.
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•    Base ingredients carefully selected for optimal quality 
•    Wide range of models and sizes to respond specific shoeing needs and disciplines
•    Concave section design
•    Boxed and ‘safed off’ heels
•    Perfect formed clips
•    Preformed break over
•    Accurate, tight nail holes with right pitches
•    Perfect fit to the hoof

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