Slide with Pride

The Pride Horseshoe collection presents high performance horseshoes designed for the Western rider. The horseshoes are characterised by their design and fine finish to optimise the slide-performance of the horse. 



High performance horseshoes for the Western rider

With the Pride Collection, Kerckhaert responds to the intention to provide every discipline in the equestrian sport with a high performance horseshoe. This collection has a powerful range of sliding shoes that were designed specifically for the enthusiastic Western rider. The horseshoes comply with the highest standards in design and finish of the shoes in this discipline. They, for instance, have a sleek heel section finish and accurately positioned nail holes with correct pitches. Ideal for shoeing comfort where the fits require little additional forging and the filing to reduce the nail head, is minimal. The horse will experience the necessary grip and optimally benefits from the main sliding-properties of the shoe for optimal performance.



•    Sliding plates with and without clip
•    Premium quality steel for optimal horseshoe quality
•    Front and hind horseshoes in different models and sizes
•    Fits with pure nail holes with correct pitch 
•    Sleek heel section finish
•    Minimal file off of the nail heads

Pride collection