The all-round horseshoe collection for any shoeing

The DF Horseshoe Collection is a contemporary all-round collection with horseshoe models for every hoof. The extensive range always offers an appropriate model that requires only minimal adjustment during the shoeing period. The characteristic Radius clip and the well-known Kerckhaert fit of these horseshoes allows the farrier to work comfortably at all times and ensures the best care for the horse.

DF-ijzer-04 1


Innovative family traditions in an all-round horseshoe collection

This horseshoe collection is designed for the discerning farrier who pays attention to detail and finish in their work. It is a fine reflection of the Kerckhaert vision in which optimal support and balance for the horse and the working comfort of the farrier are always paramount. Thus, with its wide range of models in different sizes, sections, left and right patterns, coarseness, clip positions... the collection perfectly answers the many needs of the horse and the farrier.  The distinctive Radius clip developed by Rudy Kerckhaert provides a distinctive clip that runs nicely along the outside of the shoe. The clip has enough material at its base so that it can be reforged without loss of strength..



•    Allround sport and riding horseshoe with good fit
•    Less heavy and extra support
•    Standard thickness 8mm
•    Wider heel sections and wider roll over
•    Radius clips on the quarters

DF collection