English horseshoe tradition

The Classic horseshoe collection is designed after the English shoeing tradition of horses. The basic design of this collection is the concave horseshoe model with solid Radius clips and clean nail holes with correct nail angle. They allow for smooth and professional shoeing without much modification.

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English tradition for the contemporary farrier

The Classic Collection is a beautiful reflection of contemporary traditional English shoeing. The collection has different adjusted horseshoe models that were designed to give the horse optimal support and balance and provide the farrier the necessary work comfort. The basis is the full crease horseshoe with inner bevel for good grip and solid radius clips with sufficient material on the basis. The different models in each case have a fine fit, designed after the natural properties of the hoof. The different sizes and sections and the left and right models, with nail holes with correct pitch time after time comply with the numerous demands of the farrier. This collection is mainly popular in the UK.



•    Qualitative profile horseshoes
•    Patented Radiusclip® technology
•    Basic material, carefully selected for optimal quality
•    Fits after the natural hoof properties that require little additional forging
•    Fore- and hind-horseshoes in different models and sizes
•    Purely sleek nail holes with correct pitch

Classic collection