A collection of horseshoes developed to Kerckhaert standards with an eye for American shoeing traditions. This collection responds to the different disciplines, providing a conclusive answer to the demanding demand of the American craftsman. 

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The American Horseshoe Collection was developed in close cooperation with American farriers. This collection therefore finds its roots in the USA, but is developed and produced by the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory. Characteristic of this collection is the high-quality translation of the American horseshoe model from the Kerckhaert tradition and vision. This ensures a wide range of horseshoes, offering the appropriate solution for every horse. Horseshoes shaped, punched and finished to suit the purpose for which they were intended.  Better material and design makes for better-finished work.
American collection


•    Patented Radius Clip® System
•    •    High-quality steel for optimal horseshoe quality
•    Front and hind horseshoes in different models and sizes
•    Perfect fits that need little adjustments

American collection