Designed to perform

The Alu Race horseshoe collection answers the demand for high-quality and performance-driven racing plates. The extensive range of race plates gives the discerning farrier perfect options to give the racehorse the support and protection needed to perform.

Race Plates Kerckhaert


Designed, shaped and punched to reach the ultimate goal: winning races

This race plate collection was developed for the demanding farrier who is committed to detail and finish in his work. The different Kerckhaert race plates meet the needs of the modern race horse. Each model is designed, shaped and punched to provide just those features on the race plate needed to achieve the ultimate goal of winning races. The collection offers perfectly finished horseshoes with nice tight edges for sufficient grip, as well as beveled edges for that perfect fit. The quality aluminium has been carefully selected so that the rece plate remains light and offers every opportunity for trouble-free machining and customisation with optimum quality retention.

alu kings


•  Patented Radiusclip® Technology

•  Quality base material according to use and consistent quality

•  Perfect fits with left and right creases, coarses and nail holes to the natural shape of the hoof

•  Wide range of front and hind models and sizes for specific demands and disciplines

•  Clean nail holes with correct nail angle

Alu Race collection