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Diamond MaxGlide hoefrasp.-detail


Diamond Max Glide: the rasp that spells out performance, victory and precision in design and work.

The new Diamond Max Glide hoof rasp is exclusively designed to rasp and file flawlessly with the strong efficiency.

With this new rasp, Diamond shows real innovation in production and design. A new generation hoof rasp that is 100% developed and produced in house.

Strong in balance, unrivalled in precision

The unique manufacturing process of this Diamond hoof rasp designs and shapes each individual tooth and pattern of the rasp. In this way, the design is fully adapted to the application of the rasp. This innovative development raises the quality and level of finish of the rasp to a higher level.

Diamond MaxGlide hoefrasp-2

The design

The design of this rasp is more than 10% wider than the standard Diamond rasp. The larger cutting surface gives ease in work.

The file

The file side is designed with a chip breaker that ensures to file without clogging the file with hoof material. This way the file maintains its optimal function with every movement. The Max Glide levels the hoof surface with ease and efficiency. In addition, the sharp sides of the rasp are also ideal for a precise finish.

The rasp

The rasp side is made of rows of 9 sharp teeth that are slightly smaller and stay sharp for a longer time. This allows to remove a lot of horn material in one go with only little pressure on the rasp blade. The tooth pattern prevents clogging of the rasp and allows the hoof and hoof wall to be leveled and flattened efficiently and smoothly.

In detail:

  • +10% wider cutting surface
  • rasp pattern with rows of 9 hardened and sharp teeth
  • unique production process guarantees long term sharpness
  • file side with chip breaker for constant file quality
  • perfect fit with the Diamond rasp handle
diamond handvat

The power of Diamond

Diamond continues to refine and optimise its products and the production process in order to meet the needs of today's professional farrier. This way, the brand offers constant optimum quality, availability, guarantee and price.


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