Pfff no way you can make a nail healthier for a horse.


Liberty Cu Shield Technology

Maintaining strong and sound hooves, it’s the wish and goal of each farrier and horse owner. After all the saying ‘no hoof, no horse’ is not an empty phrase. Back in 2015 Liberty by Royal Kerckhaert introduced the Cu Shield Technology with exactly the idea of making a traditional nail more durable and healty for the horse.

This innovative approach incorporates copper into each nail, establishing a hostile territory for bacteria within the nail hole, thereby promoting a hoof that remains strong and healthy.

The technology is designed, develloped and patented by Liberty guaranteeing the effectiveness of this application. 



So, how do Cu Shield Technology nails make a real difference?

horseshoof-black nail holes
Possible hoof damage

Is this what you see on an average hoof?

Shoeings with traditional steel nails can damage the hoof and horn quality. This can result in:

  • black spots in the hoof
  • rust or wear inside the hoof
  • weakened horn material
  • broken nails


The natural properties of copper

How copper prevents and restores this problem

Copper has natural antibacterial properties that ensure a clean environment around the nail in the hoof. This way, a copper nail can help the farrier and horse owner avert possible infections and keep the hoof wall stronger and healthier.
Copper does not rust
The advanced coating technology protects the nail from rust and wear in the hoof. This protection is crucial because wear or rust can compromise the integrity of the hoof wall. Scientific studies confirm the benefits of consistent use and highlight the nail's positive impact on hoof health.
Copper seamlessly blends with other metals
The innovative application of Cu Shield Technology ensures the copper does not compromise the integrity or strength of the nail. Thanks to the copper coating, the nails are remarkably smooth, while their tips remain exceptionally sharp. This results in minimal chipping on the hoof's exterior and reduces internal damage.

magnifying glass-Zalm

Benefits of nails with Cu Shield Technology

  • No rust or wear inside the hoof
  • Less damage to the hoof wall 
  • Clean nail holes prevent infections or hoof deterioration 
  • Better hoof / horn quality
  • Protects the intire shoeing cycle
  • Durable steel core, lasts 8-10 weeks with ease
  • Unique and patented coating process in 4 layers guaranteeing optimum and effective protection
Liberty Cu Shield Technology

The process

Liberty has revolutionized the daily horse shoeing with the introduction of Cu Shield Technology. This innovative technology allows the application of an ultra-thin copper layer onto traditional steel nails without any influence on the known Liberty nail quality.

Cu Shield Technology uses an original and advanced manufacturing technique, pioneered entirely by Royal Kerckhaert. This process seamlessly bonds copper to the traditional steel nail through a first fine conversion layer, ensuring superior copper adhesion to the steel. This adhesion maintains the inherent quality of the steel.
The application of the copper is done with unparalleled precision, ensuring an even and uniform copper coating on every nail. A specially designed protective shields the sleek finish of the nail while preserving the integrity and durability of the copper coating. Once the nail enters the hoof, this protective layer wears away, releasing the copper layer to provide optimal performance.

Liberty by Royal Kerckhaert is the first and only manufacturer to apply a coating at this technical level. Other copper nails only have a copper layer, without the needed conversion and protection layer that ensures the optimum nail  and copper quality needed. In-house engineering, research and testing have led to the creation of high-tech machines that guarantee the effectiveness of the copper coating and have it not wear off during the shoeing and shoeing period.

the process-Cu-Shield-Technology
Did you know that more than 50% of American horses are shod with Liberty Cu nails?

Peter Peers about the Liberty Cu Nails

"The best invention we have had for many years"

Text quote LeftI have  over 5 years of experience with this nails and I have got nothing but praise for it. I think it is one ofe the best inventions we have had for many years, for good hoof quality, stronger feet, less likelihood of losing the shoes!"
Peter Peers - farrier UK


Copper facts !

  • Copper is one of the first metals to be discovered and utilized, just next to gold and silver.
  • Copper is highly integrated in hospitals and medical facilities to control the spread of infections within the facility.
  • Copper boasts a range of unique and beneficial qualities not present in gold, silver, or other metals discovered subsequently.
  • Copper can kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria in just two hours after making contact.
  • Copper can easily be alloyed with other metals. It is a workable metal that is malleable and ductile.
SEM Analysis - Cu nails
SEM Analysis - Traditional nails
Scientific research Edinburgh

Research study into the effects of nails with cu Shield Technology

In 2016 the first part of an independent research study into the effects of horseshoe nails made with Copper Shield Technology™ was carried out in Edinburgh, UK by Dr. Sue Kempson BSc PhD at The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies with Stephen Mitchell BSc MSc at the School of Biological Sciences.
The team studied the health of equine hoof material following the use of Liberty Cu nails. The research focused on the presence of bacteria in hoof trimming samples, taken from the front feet of horses, shod by different farriers across the UK over a period of 7 months.
One of the feet was shod using Liberty Cu horseshoe nails and the other with standard steel nails for comparison. The samples were subjected to both transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis.

What farriers think...

"Liberty Cu nails allow us to have a better quality of horn in the long term. Since we have been using them, all our horses have an excellent wall quality."

Julien Hazard

Farrier | France

'The Liberty Cu Carrera Secure is a great nail. It nails perfectly and it doesn't move. I use the Cu nail, because I am convinced that if you can do something to eliminate a problem, you use it. If it saves one horse out of thousand, it is worth the use.'

Derek Poupard

Farrier | USA

Derek Poupard - kleur strook

Other innovations and patents by Liberty

Liberty Hybrid HardTop

HardTop Technology

Liberty HardTop Technology is a perfect example of how to make a nail durable. It features the nail production process to harden  the nail head locally. This prevents the nail to wear down too quickly, prolonging the durability of the shoeing, unlike traditional nails when used on harder surfaces.

Hybrid and Carrera

Hybrid and Carrera nails are examples of how  Liberty focuses on making the job easier for the farrier. No need for overstocking the van with boxes. Hybrid is your all-round nail while Carrera is designed for ease of shoeing race horses. 
Newsletter image small-extra pitch

Nail pitch

Liberty designed the nail pitch ensuring less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable. Experience stronger nailing and thighter clenches.


Liberty’s passion for innovation is evidenced in our ability to see innovative possibilities with focus on a big outcome for the farrier’s ease and the horse’s health. As success consists of putting all the smaller things together, Liberty nails have the strength and design to do just that. It’s the building block in the process that holds it all together to keep the shoe and hooves durable.

  • Premium materials
  • High-end production process for finesse and consistency in quallity
  • Wide range of models and ranges
  • Superior sharpness, pitch and smooth finish for minimal hoof damage
  • A young brand that dares to push the standards