Liberty Cu Shield Technology

Liberty Cu nails are enriched with the Cu Shield Technology. This technology is designed and develloped by Liberty in such a way that the natural properties of copper ensure a clean environment in the nail hole around the horseshoe nail. This supports to keep the hoof wall stronger and healthier. Scientific research shows this positive influence with daily use of the nail.


horseshoof-black nail holes

Liberty Cu Nails help prevent and restore this problem!

Meet the Liberty Cu Shield Technology.
Built of four layers and designed to take perfection in horseshoeing to the next level. 

1. Protection
2. Copper (Cu)
3. Conversion
4. Core(steel)

Is this what you see on an average hoof?

- black spots in the hoof

- rust or wear inside the hoof

- weakened horn material

- broken nails

The layers of Liberty CU hoofnail

Visible result within 4 months 

When Liberty Cu horseshoe nails are used on a daily basis, you improve the horn quality and prevent hoof problems. The use makes the horn material at the white line elastic and healthy, with less staining around the nail holes and the hoof wall keeps its strength.

4 months on traditional nails
4 months on cu nails
Liberty Cu nails

Advantages of using nails with Cu Shield Technology

  • - Better than traditional horseshoe nails
  • - No rust or wear inside the hoof
  • - Less damage to the hoof wall
  • - Better hoof / horn quality
  • - Protects the entire shoeing cycle
  • - Durable steel core, lasts 8-10 weeks with ease

The experiences of farriers

I have 5 years of experience with this and I have got nothing but praise for it. I think it is one of the best inventions we have had for many years, for good hoof quality, stronger feet, less likelihood of losing the shoes!

Peter Peers

Farrier | U.K.

testimonial Peter Peers

5 years of experience with the Liberty Cu Shield Technology

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