hybrid & carrera
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You’ve got to be kidding!
I can replace more than 30 different nails with only 6 nails?


Liberty Hybrid and Carrera nails

Hybrid and Carrera nails are examples of how Liberty focuses on making the job easier for the farrier. No need for overstocking the van with boxes. Hybrid is your all-round nail while Carrera is designed for ease of shoeing race horses.

liberty hybrid nails
Dare to live without limits!

Discover Hybrid and Carrera:


Replaces all your current  horseshoe nail

Hybrid nails

The Liberty Hybrid horseshoe nail collection offers three types of horseshoe nails that are versatile in use. They always combine the best features of many different nail styles and translate these into a multi-purpose nail. This makes Hybrid the perfect alternative to all the nails you currently use for riding horses.

The only racing nail you need

Carrera nails

The Liberty Carrera combines a standard sturdy neck design with a super slim blade. This racing nail is available in three different lengths. Opt for traditional steel, with Cu Shield Technology; as a Secure nail or with non-slip. Carrera nails replace 10 different styles/sizes of racing nails. 

Pijlen Zwart
Did you know?

That the Hybrid, Carrera and copper nails are 100% Royal Kerckhaert invented, designed and produced? And that we have taken the lead in the market with these innovations?

Other innovations and patents by Liberty

perfect fit with Hybrid Cu

Cu Shield Technology

Cu Shield Technology Another example of how Liberty dares to push the limits. Liberty  created a unique technology that adds copper to a nail. This creates an unlivable  environment for bacterial growth in the nail hole, which helps to keep the hoof strong and healthy.
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Liberty Hybrids Secure HardTop

HardTop Technology

Liberty HardTop Technology is a perfect example of how to make a nail durable. It features the nail production process to harden  the nail head locally. This prevents the nail to wear down too quickly, prolonging the durability of the shoeing, unlike traditional nails when used on harder surfaces.
Newsletter image small-extra pitch

Nail pitch

Liberty designed the nail pitch ensuring less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable. Experience stronger nailing and thighter clenches.


Liberty’s passion for innovation is evidenced in our ability to see innovative possibilities with focus on a big outcome for the farrier’s ease and the horse’s health. As success consists of putting all the smaller things together, Liberty nails have the strength and design to do just that. It’s the building block in the process that holds it all together to keep the shoe and hooves durable.

  • Premium materials
  • High-end production process for finesse and consistency in quallity
  • Wide range of models and ranges
  • Superior sharpness, pitch and smooth finish for minimal hoof damage
  • A young brand that dares to push the standards