So, how many more styles do I need to shoe riding horses?


Hybrid = the best of everything

Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory designed HYBRID™ horseshoe nails to bring simplicity and at the same time give the farrier more options. By combining the best features of the most popular nail styles with the superior Liberty manufacturing technology, we were able to design one, all new horseshoe nail, that gives better results, every time.


Hybrid horseshoe nails
Want to know what all the fuss is about?


Unleash the gamechanger in yourself and experience the benefits of Liberty Secure HardTop nails!

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The Hybrid Collection:

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Key features of Liberty Hybrid

  •  Extra strong & durable
  •  Extra length
  •  Extra pitch
  •  Perfect in combination with pads
  •  Extra sharp & extra smooth for less damage to the hoof
  •  Always consistent quality: BUY 250 = USE 250

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Good to know!

The Liberty HYBRID™ horseshoe nail combines the best features of many different nail styles. This means HYBRID™ actually replaces the nails you are currently using for riding horses. Hybrid replaces:
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Extra nail pitch

The HYBRID nail head has a small degree (angle) which provides more "pitch".

Other innovations and patents by Liberty

perfect fit with Hybrid Cu

Cu Shield Technology

Cu Shield Technology Another example of how Liberty dares to push the limits. Liberty  created a unique technology that adds copper to a nail. This creates an unlivable  environment for bacterial growth in the nail hole, which helps to keep the hoof strong and healthy.
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Liberty Hybrids Secure HardTop

HardTop Technology

Liberty HardTop Technology is a perfect example of how to make a nail durable. It features the nail production process to harden  the nail head locally. This prevents the nail to wear down too quickly, prolonging the durability of the shoeing, unlike traditional nails when used on harder surfaces.
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Nail pitch

Liberty designed the nail pitch ensuring less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable. Experience stronger nailing and thighter clenches.


Liberty’s passion for innovation is evidenced in our ability to see innovative possibilities with focus on a big outcome for the farrier’s ease and the horse’s health. As success consists of putting all the smaller things together, Liberty nails have the strength and design to do just that. It’s the building block in the process that holds it all together to keep the shoe and hooves durable.

  • Premium materials
  • High-end production process for finesse and consistency in quallity
  • Wide range of models and ranges
  • Superior sharpness, pitch and smooth finish for minimal hoof damage
  • A young brand that dares to push the standards