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Building blocks of success

Success in a shoeing is not achieved by chance. You build it, building block by building block. Each block being the brand expert in the shoeing process. It’s by bringing these brands together that magic happens in a shoeing.


The House of Brands by Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is home to a range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails, farrier tools and accessories. It offers professional farriers the advantage of one dedicated partner offering the most specialised brands and products in their field. It serves as a convenient one-stop-shop, supplying all the essentials for high-quality and professional work.

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At Kerckhaert we are more than just a supplier. We forge along with our farriers as dedicated partners. By continuously developing and daring ourselves we are able to push the limits to improve and innovate. What makes each Kerckhaert brand special is the vision behind the product.

Every brand was originally crafted, with the aim of making a meaningful impact on the work and life of both farriers and horses.


Kerckhaert Horseshoes

Kerckhaert Horseshoes are designed to provide customised shoeing’s with minimal effort. With the added value of a horseshoe and the horses’ needs in mind, each design forms a solid building block as the foundation in the shoeing.

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As success consists of putting all the smaller things together, Liberty nails have the strength  and design to do just that. It’s the building  lock in the process that holds it all together to keep the shoe and hooves durable.



A safe and comfortable environment gives confidence so the focus can be completely on the essentials of the job. With Hoofjack, there is room to move more smoothly, rasp easier, shoe smarter and work safer. A hoof stand for farrier and horse.

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All great shoeing’s start with the finesse in the trimming. No construction can work without  the tool box to do the work. Robust Diamond tools are like reliable helpers. They are strong, designed for a purpose, and always improving to help professionals.



The Maddox nails are  the building block that allows to perform economically. Each nail guarantee a good fit in the crease of the horseshoe to nail easily and correctly with less damage to the hoof wall.


Save Edge

The importance of levelling and the right balance is the base of a good shoeing. Rasp possibilities that work as part of each move you make. Save Edge rasps are technically high end rasps that make rasping easy and set to perfect the work.

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brand blocks quality horseshoes

Quality Horseshoes

Respecting traditions as part of the building process builds confidence and strength. Quality is the traditional Malaysian horseshoe with the quality standards of Kerckhaert horseshoes. Quality Horseshoes are designed according to horseshoe traditions with the necessary quality standards.



Mercury rasps are simple and get the job done fast and with care. It’s the building block that get’s it all in balance to make the work easy.

Brand blocks Vettec


Support in the process and securing the whole. Vettec is the building block in a shoeing when fixing hoof problems and making sure the horse’s foot is healthy. With its focus on care, prevention and support or repair Vettec brings the shoeing on point.

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