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Forging the difference since 1906.

The Kerckhaert story began more than 100 years ago and evolved into the largest independent manufacturer of horseshoes, horseshoe nails and tools for farriers. The secret of this rich history? A combination of practical experience with state-of-the-art technology. But always with a nod to the past.

Let's dive through time...


Honoré Kerckhaert, master farrier, founds the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory in the Netherlands.


At the national agricultural show in Scheveningen (NL), Honoré Kerckhaert wins the first prize with his collection of handmade horseshoes.


The first horseshoe machine is functional and the first of many machine-made Kerckhaert horseshoes are being produced.1916-first horseshoe machine



Honoré Kerckhaert has - beside his dedication to horseshoes - a passion for workhorsses. He is involved in the foundation of workhorse breeding in the Netherlands.


Piet Kerckhaert joins the company to continue the success of his father's hard work.


During the war, steel availability and cost became scarce. However, as the war ended, steel prices dropped by 50%, followed by an additional 20% decrease. This posed a significant challenge for Kerckhaert, who had just invested in steel prior to the price decline. In this competitive market, survival hinges on delivering exceptional quality, which Kerckhaert achieves through unrivaled expertise.


More farm machinery reduces horseshoe demand, leaving only two out of fourteen Dutch factories surviving.


Prince Bernhard visits the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.
1956 - prince Bernhard



Rudy Kerckhaert joins the company, following in his father's footsteps.


The economy in Europe grows rapidly and people start to buy leisure horses.


Increased demand leads to the development of a new, ultra modern production line.


After 8 years, the machines with the patented 'Olympic Clips System' are ready.


A new identical production line is built to be able to fulfill the market demands.
1980 - new production line



Queen Beatrix - a keen amazon - visits the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory.
1984 - Queen Beatrix



The fourth Kerckhaert generation joins. New productions and horseshoe styles, global travels... expand the company.


To strengthen the Kerckhaert brand in America, they invent the patented 'Radius Clip System'.


Kerckhaert invests in a drop forging production line aluminium and steel race plates.


First winner on Kerckhaert aluminium race plates: Etheral - Melbourne Cup.

  • November 6, 2001
  • Winner: Etheral
  • Schoes: Kings Plate Toe Clipped (Front&Hind)
  • Farrier: Mark Gilbert
  • Trainer: Sheila Laxon
  • Owner: P.J. & P.M. Vela's
  • Jockey: S. Seamer
  • Distance: 3.200m


Kerckhaert develops a patented Smart Finish, an advanced and unique foot surface design.


Kerckhaert proudly marks a century of excellence and success with its 100th celebration. They also open a new 5000m² warehouse and distribution center and starts building new head offices.


The historic building, situated in the heart of Vogelwaarde (NL) where it all began a century ago, is being transformed to accommodate modern offices and convenient parking facilities. As a part of our progression towards the future, a piece of history gracefully disappears.


In 2006, when the company marked its 100th anniversary, Kerckhaert was investigated by local and national authorities. As a result of this investigation, H.R.H. Queen Beatrix granted the Predicate Royal in July 2008.



The first Liberty hoof nail factory is established and begins the development of the innovative Liberty hoof nail. Through its design and manufacturing process, Liberty is able to produce uncompromising and high-quality hoof nails.


Kerckhaert is again expanding its warehouse by 5,000m². This addition of space gives more possibilities for sales and customer services. The expansion is necessary to allow the healthy flow in the operation.


The Alu Kings Plate Extra Sound and Super Sound race plates are becoming the standard horseshoes in major G1 races. During the 2013 FEI World Cup season, the majority of horses wearing Kerckhaert horseshoes won.


Liberty is developing the sensational Cu Shield Technology™. This unique application promotes and supports strong and healthy hooves.
Kerckhaert is also acquiring the American brand Diamond. The full Diamond product line creates new opportunities.


Start of the robotization process for all factories. The robotization puts the focus on simplification in the production process, relieving colleagues of heavy tasks and providing additional support at the quality level.


With the House of Brands, Kerckhaert unites all its brands. It means one house, one partner with the original and most specialized brands in their field, providing all the supplies for the professional farrier.



Kerckhaert acquires the original brands Vettec and Hoofjack.
With the acquisition of Vettec and Vettec Bovi-Bond, Kerckhaert is also moving into hoof care in the bovine industry.


The headquarters in Vogelwaarde (NL) is expanding with additional office space and a training and experience center.


A new webshop for dealers and farriers is committed to even better and faster service. To optimize continuity of service and operation, Kerckhaert again enlarges its warehouse.

History Highlights...

History-leisure and sport

Sport and leisure

In 1966, Kerckhaert began making horseshoes for sport and leisure horses as working horses were replaced by tractors.
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Predicate Royal

In 2008, Kerckhaert was honoured with the Predicate Royal by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.



In 2010, Royal Kerckhaert established its first hoof nail factory and developed the innovative Liberty hoof nail. 
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House of Brands

In 2019, the House of Brands, Kerckhaert unites all the brands under the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory. 

Secrets of a rich history

Build on family traditions and vision

Founded in 1906 by great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert the family business has grown internationally over the years to become the largest independent horseshoe manufacturer in the world.

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