Could you imagine...
there was a nail that was sharp, precise, drives fluently, clenches strongly and not to mention has a hardened nail head that slows down the wear process.


Liberty HardTop Technology

The new Liberty HardTop Technology is a perfect example of an innovative solution to nails wearing off too quickly on harder or sandy surfaces.
This Liberty HardTop Technology is the process in nail production where the nail head is hardened locally allowing the nail to wear more evenly with the horseshoe. It prevents the nail from wearing down too quickly like traditional nails when used on harder and sandy surfaces. Liberty HardTop Technology guarantees horse and farrier a durable solid shoeing the entire shoeing period.




Want to know what all the fuss is about?


Unleash the gamechanger in yourself and experience the benefits of Liberty Secure HardTop nails!
*One sample per customer. Limited stock!

Want to know what all the fuss is about?


Unleash the gamechanger in yourself and experience the benefits of Liberty Secure HardTop nails!

*One sample per customer. Limited stock!

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Benefits of nails with HardTop Technology

  • durable shoeing – reduces the chance of loose/lost shoes
  • prolonged wear of the horseshoe
  • optimal tensile strength
  • even nail surface ( = no additional pressure points)
  •  original steel hardness of the nail
  •  more grip
  • reduced wear of the nail in the crease on sandy surfaces

Alex Mercer AWCF - shoeing HardTop nails3
Alex Mercer AWCF - shoeing HardTop nails1
Alex Mercer AWCF - shoeing HardTop nails2
Alex Mercer AWCF - shoeing HardTop nails4
Liberty Hybrid Secure HardTop

Shoeing by Alex Mercer AWCF

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This set of photos are of a 10 year old Irish sport horse. He does pretty much every discipline. Over the winter he is out hunting twice a week. Usually in the winter months his shoes would be worn out after 4 weeks but now since using Liberty Hard Top Nails he goes 6 weeks without any problem. In the summer he does one day events and endurance. The shoeing interval was around the same time frames.

Liberty HardTop Technology

The process

Liberty has introduced an additional application in the nail production process where only the nail head is subjected to hardening without compromising the general nail strength. By adding very localised carbon using the new and sophisticated laser technology, Liberty is able to harden the nail head. Through consistent heat treatment and a hardening depth set to an accuracy of 0.15 mm, HardTop Technology guarantees optimal nail strength and quality throughout the nail with an unrivalled traditional, wear-hardened nail head.

HardTop Technology has been patented worldwide. After years of research, experimentation and fine tuning, this technology has been optimized. Liberty by Royal Kerckhaert is now the first nail manufacturer in the world that has succeeded in applying a HardTop nail head to traditional nails. By hardening the traditional nail head, Liberty has created a nail with more wear control without compromising the integrity of the product.

HardTop nails - Peter Peers -before-1
HardTop nails - Peter Peers -after
HardTop nails - Peter Peers -after2
Liberty Hybrid Secure HardTop

Shoeing by Peter Peers

Text quote LeftAnother six weeks on the results of fitting Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory new hybrid secure hard top nails. The last shoeing I tried just using them only on the lateral side because this horse has arthritic hocks and wears the lateral toe branch in a classic way. With leaving the medial nail heads untouched. As you can see the wear is so much better producing an even balance. In the past I have used a tungsten pin in this area which I never liked doing now I am able to control the wear with these nails not only that, because of the great design on the nail head it self, the nail fits tight without damaging the lateral wall to the point of being able to nail with all three nails to the lateral side. These really are a game changer I personally think they are going to be perfect for hunters,trotters and aluminium shoes."

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Good to know!

The heating off the nail head is local and has a controlled gradual heat run-off. This way there is no break between the traditional steel hardness of the nail and the hardened nail head. The known strength of the Liberty nail is maintained. The neck is not hardened, so the so-called tensile strength remains optimal. The coloring is therefore not an indication of where the hardening is on the nail.

Liberty Hybrids Secure HardTop
Product highlight

Hybrid Secure HardTop

Discover the all-round Hybrid hoof nail with improved grip for the horse and a hard-wearing lock in the crease. The hoof nail has all the strong features of Liberty for perfect driving and locking, but has been enriched with the Liberty HardTop Technology.

  • HARDTOP = hardened nail crown for an even wear with the horseshoe, so the shoe will stay longer firmly attached to the hoof
  • SECURE = more material in the head for a better lock in the crease

Other innovations and patents by Liberty

perfect fit with Hybrid Cu

Cu Shield Technology

Cu Shield Technology Another example of how Liberty dares to push the limits. Liberty  created a unique technology that adds copper to a nail. This creates an unlivable  environment for bacterial growth in the nail hole, which helps to keep the hoof strong and healthy.
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Hybrid and Carrera

Hybrid and Carrera nails are examples of how  Liberty focuses on making the job easier for the farrier. No need for overstocking the van with boxes. Hybrid is your all-round nail while Carrera is designed for ease of shoeing race horses.
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Nail pitch

Liberty designed the nail pitch ensuring less stress on the nail head, which makes the nail even more durable. Experience stronger nailing and thighter clenches.


Liberty’s passion for innovation is evidenced in our ability to see innovative possibilities with focus on a big outcome for the farrier’s ease and the horse’s health. As success consists of putting all the smaller things together, Liberty nails have the strength and design to do just that. It’s the building block in the process that holds it all together to keep the shoe and hooves durable.

  • Premium materials
  • High-end production process for finesse and consistency in quallity
  • Wide range of models and ranges
  • Superior sharpness, pitch and smooth finish for minimal hoof damage
  • A young brand that dares to push the standards