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Participating dealers:  Kerckhaert Benelux - Belgium & The Netherlands  ⋅  Hoofment / Hoofcare.shop - The Netherlands  ⋅  Horse's Line (Decamps) - Belgium  ⋅  Eurofers – France  ⋅  Strömsholm – UK  ⋅  Strohm Hufbeschlagartikel – Germany  ⋅  Igler – Germany  ⋅  Weiss Hufbeschlagartikel - Austria  ⋅  ET-Hoofcare - Switzerland  ⋅  FIFPE – Italy  ⋅  Hispano Hipica – Spain  ⋅  Ab Farming – Sweden  ⋅  Heimer – Norway  ⋅  A Do Carmo – Portugal  ⋅  Torus Trading - Mexico

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Surround yourself with those on the same mission… The House of Brands is your  teammate, a convenient one-stop-shop,  supplying all your essentials for high-quality  and professional work. Each brand giving the  right building block needed for succesfull and  efficient shoeing.