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For any farrier, a reliable hoof knife is indispensable. It needs to be comfortable, perfectly balanced, and retain its sharpness long-term. That's exactly why Diamond has designed an exceptional range of hoof knives. Each blade is made of superior materials and is designed for comfort and precision, so that each cut is smooth and precise to refine your work down to the finest detail.

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What knife to choose?

classic knife collection

Classic design

Are you looking for a knife

  • -with a classic design
  • -ergonomic and adaptable handle
  • -great basic design with longterm sharpness

Check out the
Diamond Classic Hoof Knives

plastic knife collection2

Antibacterial design

Are you looking for a knife

  • -to work more hygienically
  • -to help prevent prevents the spread of diseases and infections
  • -ergonomic handle with extra grip

Check out the
Diamond Plastic Hoof Knives

pro-long knife collection

Pro/Long Collection

Are you looking for a knife

  • -with a longer blade
  • -more curved
  • -with a fine curl at the top of the blade for precision work

Check out the
Diamond Pro/Long Hoof Knives

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Features of a Diamond Knife

  • anti-rust
  • high hardness = longer sharp
  • FSC hardwood handle   strong, high quality, natural oils, weather-resistant = well adaptable
  • plastic handle   easy to clean, anti-bacterial, no sweaty hands
  • more grip
  • sharp out of the package = double- sharpened

Diamond Hoof knife classic

Diamond Classic Hoof Knives

The Diamond Classic Hoof Knives have a robust, classic knife design providing absoluut work comfort. The hardwood handle has an ergonomic design and the knife blade is double sharpened for durable cutting perfection.

  • classic hoof knife design
  • universal adjustable and ergonomic handle
  • excellent design basis                          
  • knives available in left and right, as a loop knife or double edge

The Diamond Classic Hoof Knife range:

Diamond curved knife

Diamond Pro/Long Hoof Knives

The Diamond Hoof Knives Pro/Long are designed for the professional farrier. The longer knife blades allow to make deeper cuts while the convex-shaped blades follow the natural contour of the sole. It makes it easier to work faster and with more precision.

  • long blade to reach deeper in the hoof
  • universal adjustable and ergonomic handle
  • drop = natural curve                                   
  • knives available in left and right, drop curved, with narrow or wide blades
  • fine curl at the top of the blade for precision work

The Diamond Pro/Long Hoof Knife range:

Tips & Tricks

Keep the sharpest edge with Worksharp

Even the sharpest knife in the tool box needs a little sharpening from time to time. The way you sharpen your knives is essential for quality work and the longterm quality of the blade. Precision is key, while working fast and rough is destructive. 

The Worksharp is an easy tool allowing you to work with that precision and finesse. Check out the video for Tips & Tricks.

The Diamond Hoof Knife Plastic range:

plastick hoof knive Diamond

Diamond Plastic Hoof Knives

The Diamond Plastic Hoof Knives have the high-quality sharp steel blade of the Diamond hoof knife, but comes with an antibacterial plastic handle. This type of handle is even easier to hold and also has a non-slip for good grip. The antibacterial handle prevents the spread of diseases and infections.

  • High-quality steel sharpened with precision for longlasting sharpness
  • Hygienic antibacterial plastic handle
  • Easy to clean and disinfect                              
  • Available in wide, narrow and double-cut
  • Ergonomic antibacterial handle with soft propile for extra grip


Sharpen every tool you own

- Diamond All-In-One-Sharpener -

Designed for deburring and sharpening farriers tools - and more! Use for straight and curved hoof knives, loop knives, nippers and every other tool you own.

  • tapered sharpening rod for curved blades                                                                                        
  • removable sharpening plates for straight blades and nippers
  • two ceramic slots for deburring and sharpening straight blades
  • leather pad, for polishing and razer sharp finish
  • ergonomically shaped, foldable design                                                                                 
  • even includes a bottle opener...                                                                
Diamond All)In-One-Sharpener
Diamond Vet pack

In the picture!

Diamond Hoof Knife Vet Pack

Diamond Hoof Knife Vet Pack is a combination pack for every veterinarian. The vet pack contains a narrow-double edged abscess knife and a small loop knife. Both knifes are packaged together in a sustainable tin to store the tools after cleaning and disinfecting. This way you can protect them for future use.

  • small loop knife with long reach
  • perfect for veterinarians and professional hoof trimmers
  • the specially designed hand grip made from advanced anti-bacterial plastic
  • easy to clean and disinfect

Other Diamond knives and rasps

toeing knife

Diamond Toeing Knives

The Diamand Toeing Knives have a razor-sharp, stainless steel blade that removes a lot of hoof material in one movement and with little effort. The comfortable, ergonomically designed 'soft grip' handle gives comfort in use.
Available in 280mm - 330mm and 360mm
Diamond MaxGlide hoefrasp.-detail

Diamond Max Glide Rasp

Diamond's Max Glide is designed to effectively rasp and file the hoof with precision and little effort. The working surface is more than 10% wider than the standard Diamond rasp and has a sharp rasp pattern and fine file edge with chip breaker.
Diamond Blocks
House of Brands


Diamond is a brand within the House of Brands by Royal Kerckhaert. Robust Diamond tools are like reliable helpers. They are strong, designed for a purpose, and always improving to help professionals. After all, a great shoeing’s start with a proper tool.