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Best Female Farrier... In the world of farriery, more and more you find a good dose of girl power. Often these women have a slightly different approach to men. After all, the importance of having the right accents in material and approach is crucial to provide lasting support. That's why we get together with our BFFs to take a closer look at numerous products and see if they need a feminine touch. In this way, together with female farriers, we want to give more perspective to female craftsmanship from experience and knowledge.

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Do you feel like thinking along with us? Do you have great ideas and do you see opportunities to give the female craftsmanship a boost for future growth? Join our BFF Facebook Group! A great group of female farriers. Useful to ask a quick question, suggest ideas or just exchange thoughts.



Suus Van Oosterbosch

"When I started as a farrier 23 years ago, I was the youngest female farrier in the Netherlands. There were only a few women in the business then. Now, fortunately, more and more girls are joining us. And that is really nice," Suus says.

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As a professional, you have a lot to think about. Not only does your work have to be outstanding, the business side also requires time and energy. As a partner, we like to think along with you. Discover various tips & tricks to give your business an extra boost.

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