A love of the craft

 Suus Van Oosterbosch is a Dutch farrier who is passionate and enthusiastic about her profession. At seventeen, she started her training and when she was nineteen, she started working as a farrier. "When I started as a farrier 23 years ago, I was the youngest female farrier in the Netherlands. There were only a few women practising the craft then. Now, fortunately, more and more girls are joining. And that's super nice," Suus points out.
 The love for her profession was head over heels. As soon as she saw the farrier at the stables where she worked as a teenager, she was sold. She was so captivated by the craft that she could only be found with the farrier and forgot to clean out the stables. When she went to inquire in Deurne to train, she discovered that her great-grandfather had also been a farrier. "So somewhere the passion for the craft flows through the veins," Suus smiles proudly.



'Inspiring each other and asking for advice... It enables you to get better.'

Suus finds it very important to keep evolving in her craft. For instance, she likes to take a look at other farriers and works closely with vets. "By being open to advice from other farriers and vets, but also by looking around and being inspired, you give yourself the chance to see things differently. This allows you to keep challenging yourself and get better and better," Suus explains. She takes advice to heart, but that doesn't mean she will blindly adopt it. After all, for Suus, it is precisely the farrier's job to approach and look at the advice in this way from the point of view of their own profession and insight into the specific horse and its situation.

The girl in the man's world...

When Suus started in the business, she was just nineteen years old. In the beginning, she often had to prove herself and this did make her a bit insecure at times. But if there is one thing she taught herself, it is that she really is allowed to believe in who she is and what she can do. "For example, once I came to a farm and the farmer asked what I came to do. I indicated that I was the farrier and then he said you can't do that at all." shares Suus. It was a moment when she had to pull herself together and show what she did have up her sleeve. "It is indeed a man's world, but a world in which we as women find and get a place perfectly," Suus points out. And so, meanwhile, she dreams of going on for another 23 years.... "With good health," she laughs.

Kerckhaert BFF

Suus comments that it is very nice to be a Kerckhaert BFF. She really likes the idea and concept. Getting together with other female farriers to form a fun group and strengthen each other in ideas and experiences. "It's bound to get a henhouse at times," she laughs, "but the power of sharing things and strengthening each other in this way is really nice. That we can do this together with Kerckhaert who then also thinks along practically is very motivational for us," says Suus.



Suus' favourites

Suus - Meister

Kerckhaert Meister Motion horseshoe

Suus really enjoys working with the Meister Motion horseshoe.
"With the Meister horseshoe you absolutely have all options. It is very nicely forged and has a really nice rolling off on the toe. Horses also walk really beautifully on it."

Suus - Libert E Slim

Liberty E Slim

Suus' favourite horseshoe nail is the Liberty E Slim.
'The Liberty E Slim is a nail with which I get very nice results. It is slightly narrower and nails very nicely. I have tried many brands, but this one really stands out for me'.


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