Steel Comfort Sport (highlight)

Beauty in design and usability

Innovative applications built on the Kerckhaert tradition create optimal design and comfort for farrier and sports horse.


Top in it's class

The Steel Comfort Sport is the power of innovative tradition on the hoof of a sports horse. Years of knowledge, passed on from father to son, is the Kerckhaert basic of this horseshoe. The newest techniques, insights and experiences of farriers give the innovative development of this lightest and most versatile sports horseshoe in it's class. The Steel Comfort Sport is the answer to the present and professional demands of the farrier and sports horses


From tradition to contemporary perfection

  • light and versatile sports shoe 
  • quarter clipped                                        
  • easy breakover                                         
  • beautiful design                                             
  • available in sizes 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 and 4

What farriers say...

Great shape and clip placement, and I love the new toe shape. We are very lucky having so many quality products available.

Peter Peers

Farrier | United Kingdom

testimonial Peter Peers
Shaping the new

Steel Comfort Sport

Bobby Menker goes through the shaping process of the new Steel Comfort Sport in this video.

Farrier Product Distribution USA

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