Liberty Carrera Secure Non-Slip The Liberty Carrera Secure Non-Slip ensures wear resistance of the nail and horseshoe. Due to its larger head, the iron wears off less quickly. In addition, the head also has the wear-resistant tungsten pin. This pin ensures that the head wears less quickly and provides more grip and safety on paved surfaces. In addition, this nail also has the signature wider Carrera neck, so that it fits nicely in the crease and nail holes. The very slim and smooth blade ensures flawless nailing with minimal damage to the hoof wall.
  • Larger secure nail head with tungsten pin for wear resistance
  • Unique, patented neck design
  • Fits perfectly in the crease and nail holes of the race plate, regardless of the size
  • Super slim shank, reduces damage to the hoof wall
  • Made of hi-tech Steel for optimal strength