Vettec, Equi-Thane Superfast - 210cc
"Vettec SuperFast is ideal for foal adhesive shoes and applying customised support. In addition, it is also great for raising the heels, correcting the angle of the heels and making medial or lateral extensions. Vettec SuperFast is also excellent for minor hoof repairs. This 30-second hoof glue can be used for minor repairs, levelling of hooves, heel raises, customised fittings and extensions in foals. Super Fast allows farrier, vet and owner to protect the hoof when the condition of the hoof wall does not allow traditional hoof nailing. Temporary fitting with Super Fast together with Equi-Pak offers tailor-made support in case of laminitis or other lamenesses, when nailing is too painful. At the same time, it offers the possibility of improving the angle of the heel or creating medial or lateral support. Temporary shoeing with Super Fast can also be used for trail running and occasional training. It also prevents the need to nail traditional horseshoes to fragile and brittle hoof walls. Apply Super Fast to the hoof for medial or lateral support or to change the angle of the heels."