Love at first sight

Peter Peers is an English farrier who runs the business with his wife. He was barely 10 years old when he realised this was the work he wanted to do. It was love at first sight for the job as soon as he saw his pony being shod for the first time. Meanwhile, Peter works as a professional farrier and can always be found among the horses. 'I watch each horse I shoe and watch their progression throughout their carreer. It is so beautiful to follow its performance and what you can change and mean for each horse.'

Peter Peers - farrier -love at first dight for the job

“It’s all about seeing them move. The achievement of a shoeing that gives absolute balance and comfort.” 

For Peter, a good shoeing is all about that perfect balance for the horse. 'The good old back to basics, the centre balance throughout remains essential in a shoeing. Meaning the whole balance, not just toe to heel, but the sides as well. And get that foot underneath the body.'  Peter calls it the table technique with a leg in every corner standing straight and comfortable. The overall balance and making sure the mechanisms, the movements are right. That is his ultimate goal with every shoeing and it gives him the satisfaction in his work every time. The pleasure of seeing the horse move, compete, his whole stance as confirmation of a good shoeing.


“The benefits of the Diamond inserts in the prevention of injuries are massive."

Peter is a big fan of the Diamond inserts. For him, the benefits are huge in achieving perfect balance in the trim. "The inserts are realy nice to work with and are easy to fit. They fit perfectly." His favourite is the Diamond Branch Insert because they optimise the overall balance. They give good coverage and support. And contrary to the fact that these inserts are designed to treat injuries, he often puts them in just to prevent them. "The benefit of the Diamond Inserts in injury prevention is huge. I now easily use an insert to give extra support to the balance trim to prevent worse."

Diamond inserts - beslag Peter Peers

Peter's favourites

Beslag DF - Peter Peers

Kerckhaert DF horseshoe

Peter's favourite Kerckhaert horseshoe the DF hind 25x8 in size 1 and 2.

"The DF range is my favourite: good clips, good nail holes, good heel shape. And when you shoe young sport horses, you can fit perfectly cold which is a massive benefit. And then you can introduce the warm shoeing later."

LibertyCu-Peter Peers
horseshoe nails

Liberty Cu

Peter has been using Liberty CU hoof nails from the start and sees only benefits from them.
'I see a huge difference in maintaining and preserving healthy hooves. It is a much healthier way of working and prevents infections. When taking the shoe off, you can still see that the copper is actively present.'

Diamond Inserts -Peter Peers
diamond tools

Diamond Branch Inserts

Peter really likes working with the Diamond inserts and especially the Heart Bar and Branch Insert.
'I really see the benefits in using these inserts. I use them mainly for balance, more than for treating injuries. It is ideal to support balance in your trim and prevent injuries.'

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