"The motivation to continue to evolve, to improve and therefore to make a difference to each horse."

Julien Hazard is a farrier in the regio of Ile de France who mainly shoes sport horses as well as leisure horses. Julien's greatest motivation is the daily contact with horses. "What drives me is to always try to evolve, to constantly improve," says Julien. He finds it very important to keep an eye on colleagues, veterinarians... For him it is one of the best things to advance.

Julien Hzazrd

"The combination of skills makes it possible to work with greater precision."

The cooperation between a veterinarian and a farrier can make a big difference in the care and performance of the horse. By combining the two areas of expertise, focused work can be done. "In order to optimise my individual fittings, I like to work closely with vets and professional riders. They give me the missing and necessary information to preserve and improve the locomotion and skills of each horse," says Julien.

Julien's favorites

fer DF

The DF horseshoes

Julien prefers the DF horseshoe with one clip and DF Motion with two clips.
"I like the DF Motion with two clips as it already has rolling."
LibertyCu-Peter Peers

Liberty Cu

Julien only uses Liberty Cu nails, mainly for their anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.
"Liberty Cu nails allow us to have a better quality of horn in the long term. Since we have been using them, all our horses have an excellent wall quality."

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Diamond plaque cuire

Diamond Leather pads

Julien really enjoys fitting the Diamond leather wedge plates.
"The leather Diamond pads are quite elastic and allow me to do a good job.

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