"The passion for the horse and knowledge let me grow in my profession as well as a person."

Rob's passion and joy in his craft grew from the shared love of horses with his father. His father worked as a pastry chef himself, but could watch the farrier at work with admiration and passion. 'What a wonderful profession it is,' he often said. Meanwhile, Rob learnt horse riding and started his career as an equestrian in Germany. However, health problems of his father made him decide to return to the Netherlands. Once back in the Netherlands, Rob went to work as the manager of a thoroughbred stud. During this period, he discovered a lot about where things could go wrong in a shoeing. The craft fascinated him more and more and challenged him to learn more about it. The decision to train himself as a farrier was a logical step. He learned the job from Herman Scholten where he did his apprenticeship and became a state-qualified farrier. Following Herman’s advice, Rob refined his knowledge and specialization during the master course in Utrecht. And so Rob gradually started travelling around the world. He shod and still shoes top horses and went along to world championships and several Olympic Games. 

Renirie Rob

"Listening and watching the horse shows you so much."

A horse talks to you, Rob points out. He says it is so important to watch so you know what to do and what needs to be done. It takes you back to the basics of the horse. 'And in the end, there is nothing old-fashioned about those basics. Because you know, the basics of trimming and how to put on irons have ultimately been the same for generations. Only there is the translation to today's needs of the horse and what the animal needs to do.'  Rob refers to the fact that we have always been depended on horses for generations. From pulling carts, to actively participating in wars, to running races.... There has always been a need for optimal protection and support to prevent lameness. All these activities have taught us knowledge over the years. Basic knowledge that is still relevant today.


The essence in every shoeing are your basics.

For Rob, it is all about understanding the pure basics of horse shoeing what gives true craftsmanship in your work. 'It's about always returning to the basics, back to the normal of the hoof. When you have that insight clear and start from there, you work with purpose. And then you can fine-tune afterwards with extras where necessary.' For Rob, sharing experience and knowledge is essential. Daring to ask another person for advice or vision can mean so much. It makes you think further, can be your missing puzzle piece and provide just the solution you are looking for. 'You know, the learning, the knowledge that comes from the experience of others past and present, that gives me so much energy and drive'. 

basis in beslag - SN vet

Rob's favourites


Kerckhaert Meister, DF hind and SN Coarse

Rob is a fan of the Meister horseshoes, the DF hinds and the SN Coarse horseshoes:
'I like a good basic horsehoe to work with. And for that, the Kerckhaert horseshoes are perfect because of their quality base materials.'

E4 Slim
horseshoe nails

Liberty E4 Slim

Rob discovered the Liberty E4 Slim horseshoe nial and got to know it as a fine nail to work with.
'A fantastic nail. A good fitting requires a nail that fits and secures with minimal tapping. For that, the fit of the nail is so important and in this nail that is very good.'

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