"Always look for the right balance to address the individual's foot care requirements."

Ed O'Shaughnessy, A.W.C.F. is an Irish farrier in Newmarket. Together with his brother Will he founded O'Shaughnessy Farriery. The brothers are well known on the international farrier competition circuit.  They compete together on the Ireland farrier team and with the rest of the team they won the 41st international team horseshoeing championships at Stoneleigh this year 2022. Ed works with his brother and specialise in corrective and therapeutic farriery, foals, race horses, eventers, showing, dressage and barefoot trimming. 'It's our duty as a farrier to look after each horse under our care. Looking for the right balance to address the individual foot care requirements, is so important.'



"Never stop learning."

For Ed, it is important to keep learning all the time. There are always new things to discover and improve. 'You know, even the worst farrier could still teach you something. Don't think you know it all. As a farrier we never stop learning. It's my dream to get my F.W.C.F.' And precisely because of that drive to do better and learn more, Ed was part of the development of the 3D Ed Eclipse pad. Together with Derek Poupard, he developed this light weight pad for racing. 'The pad is a lightweight, ideal for the race horses I work with. And that support of the frog allows to eliminate and prevent many problems. It helps to de-stress the heel and keep the hoof structures strong.'

Even when using modern materials, you have to keep trying to discover new methods in Ed's opinion. 'I always tell my apprentices, if the tool won't do what you want to do, you don't use it. You have to be able to control it the whole time'. When Ed tested the new Diamond Max Glide rasp he was a bit sceptic. 'I thought, oh my God, another rasp... But, this rasp really surprised me with the initial sharpness that holds it’s edge for a long period. It’s a lovely rasp to work with and we now have introduced it in our business.’


"It's a all about getting back to the benefits of the bare foot."

The 3D Pads quickly showed the benefits of the frog support. They are designed to help relax the heels and keep the hoof capsule strong and the hoof pastern active axis in line. When using previous full pads they also noticed that the previous full pads in the past kept durt and moisture underneath the pad making the soles very soft. They started looking to design a half pad or a pad not covering the entire sole. That is how they developped the Ed Eclipse. 'All research now has shown how beneficial the frog support is. For me a heart bar can sometimes be to heavy for race horses. With the 3D pad you can just fit the shoe easily and trim the pad to suit and off you go.'

Ed explains that 3D pads are not just for race horses or problem horses. 'With the full range of sizes now, we're able to help all different discipline horses and size feet. The prevention for lower crushed heels definitely helps with frog support. It's all about getting back to the benefits of the bare foot.'

When first using the 3D pads, Ed advices to use the FootPro Dim20 (a soft impression material) and emphasises to let the horse stand on it before it sets completely so you remove possible pressure points.

foto-beslag-ed eclipse

Ed's favourites

Extra Sound Race Plate

Kerckhaert Alu Kings Extra Sound Race Plate

Ed's favourite Kerckhaert race plate is the Kerckhaert Alu Kings Extra Sound.
'I love the Extra Sounds, especially with the new pitch. They are just amazing and feet remain really strong afterwards.'
liberty nagel

Liberty FJ1

Ed likes to use the Liberty FJ1 horseshoe nail:
"My favourite nail is the Liberty FJ1 as it's a small nail which is very strong and drives up the hoof accurately."


Diamond Max Glide

Ed recently tried the new Diamond Max Glide rasp. He was really surprised by its sharpness. He has now introduced them in their farriery business.
‘The MAX GLIDE surprised me with the initial sharpness that holds it’s edge for a long period. It’s a lovely rasp to work with.’