DF Quarter Motion Plus

Four generations of innovative knowledge united with the experience of farriers create an all-round horseshoe full of comfort and ease for horse and farrier.

The shoe that has it all

The DF Quarter Motion Plus is created out of farrier’s need and developed from the Kerckhaert vision, insights and techniques. Innovative applications improve the traditional horseshoe and give the farrier and horse all comfort needed during and after shoeing. The DF Quarter Motion Plus is the all-round horseshoe for sports and riding horses with less weight and more support.

The power of knowledge and experience


  • All-round sports and riding horseshoe
  • Lighter than traditional DF Quarter Motion
  • Standard 8mm                                   
  • Wider rolling toe                                
  • Wider at the heels                                                     
  • 6 sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

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