DF Collection

the all-round horseshoe collection with a shoeing solution for each individual horse


Build on innovative family traditions

At Kerckhaert a horseshoe is never just a horseshoe… It is the embodiment of a vision, a family tradition of four generations innovative horseshoe development. The heart of the DF horseshoe is still the design of founder and great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert. New techniques, insights and experiences of farriers gave and still give the needed innovations to answer the present and professional demands of the farrier. Each horseshoe in the DF Collection wants to give the professional farrier comfort in his work and the horse the best care.

Craft in material and design

DF specifications

  • Patented Radius Clip® Technology
  • Base materials carefully selected for optimum quality
  • Perfect fit to ensure the natural state of the hoof
  • Front- and back horseshoes requesting only little adjustments
  • Wide range of models and sizes to respond specific shoeing needs and disciplines
  • Asymmetric models with left and right creases, coarsening and nail holes
  • Accurate, tight nail holes with right pitches

Farriers' experiences

‘I love this horseshoe because it has a very nice section and clip. The shape is very good as a beginning to shoe a horse. Also the Liberty Hybrid nails have a perfect fit in the shoe.’

Marti Surinyach

Farrier | Barcelona, ES

‘I'm using DF horseshoes now for 10 years and I love the ease of use. There's good balance, nail holes, creases etc. The shoeing remains stable during the entire period.'

Aurélien Lainé

Farrier | Département Maine et Loire, FR

The DF has a nice shape and an optimal clip. There is no space between clip and hoof, front as well as hind. The nail holes are optimal divided and placed. 

Koos Broeijer

Farrier | Groningen, NL

"The DF range is my favourite: good clips, good nail holes, good heel shape. And when you shoe young sport horses, you can fit perfectly cold which is a massive benefit. And then you can introduce the warm shoeing later."

Peter Peers

Farrier | UK

Perfect match

Liberty Hybrid Cu

The Liberty Hybrid horseshoe nails are a perfect fit with the DF horseshoes. This nail - available in traditional steel and with Cu Shield Technology -  is characterised by its innovative design. Extra length, strength, sharpness and smoothness ensure a comfortable and precise shoeing with less damage to the hoof wall. 

Free download

DF Horseshoe Catalogue

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Your building blocks of success

House of Brands

The House of Brands by Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is home to a range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails, farrier tools and accessories. It offers professional farriers the advantage of one dedicated partner offering the most specialised brands and products in their field.

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