The secret of a rich history...

Founded in 1906 by great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert, the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is a family business. A company where the passion for the craft has been passed on from father to son for four generations. And over those years, the company has grown into the largest independent horseshoe manufacturer in the world.

DF Horseshoe Specifications


DF Collection

The DF collection is based on the design of great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert but with the needs of both the modern farrier and the horse in mind. New techniques, insights and experience provide a wide range of perfect fits that require only minimal adjustments during shoeing.

  • Asymmetric models with left and right creases, coarsening and nail holes

  • Perfect fit to ensure the natural state of the hoof
  • Wide range of models and sizes

Our products

Product overview 2024

New options, new possibilities

Discover our new arrivals and best sellers! Our House of Brands is constantly developing and the brands continue to evolve. From a hoof nail with wear-resistant lock in the crease, to continued developments in Vettec hoof care and Diamond tools.


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A story of passionate craftsmanship

A story that shows the heart and soul of our company and who we are. A story of the true passion we share with farriers and partners. A story of designing and developing products that make a difference for farrier and horse.


The House of Brands

Home to shoeing possibilities... Discover our one-stop-farrier shop with all your favorite brands. A complete and professional range of quality horseshoes, hoof nails, tools and accessories allowing farriers to work with ease and optimum quality.

  • high quality materials                                         
  • dedicated team of experts
  • continuously developments and improvements
  • original brands build on vision and dedication to be the best

Deformities in foals

Discover solutions and tips & tricks in treating foal deformities. Deformities in the foals hoof do not always need to be treated surgically. As farrier you can often treat the incorrect growth with a toe, medial or lateral extension or use a glue-on cuff designed for foals. 

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How to choose an anvil?

Choosing an anvil is not always easy. You want robust, yet handy, and it should also be suited for the work you want to do. Diamond has a perfect answer to all these needs with its collection of Diamond Anvils.

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Building your business

Craftsmanship is about more than just providing your customers with high-quality work. The business aspects hold equal weight. Get some clarity on the do's and don't and boost your business.

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Brochures & Catalogues

Discover our collection of brochures and catalogues to discover the expansive range of farrier supplies we offer! Our carefully crafted brochures serve as your personal guide to find the perfect product or solution for your needs. From durable horseshoes to essential tools and various other supplies, our literature is offering more insights, advice, product information and much more.

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a worldwide family

Stories of craftmanship

Over the years, the Kerckhaert family has grown into a worldwide family of employees, partners and farriers. The power of this forging together makes each shoeing more than just a shoeing.


'Listening and watching the horse shows you so much.'

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Rob Renirie

Farrier | The Netherlands

'It’s all about seeing them move. The achievement of a shoeing that gives absolute balance and comfort.'

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Peter Peers

Farrier | United Kingdom

'When I started as a farrier 23 years ago, I was the youngest female farrier in the Netherlands. There were only a few women practising the craft then. Now, fortunately, more and more girls are joining. And that's super nice.'

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Suus Van Oosterbosch

Farrier | The Netherlands

'The motivation to continue to evolve, to improve and therefore to make a difference to each horse.'

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Julien Hazard

Farrier | France

Rob Renirie - Master Farrier
Testimonial Peter Peers