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The farriers’ best choice in the UAE and beyond!

Ateeq Al Dhahery Trading Est. is the largest one-stop farrier supply store in the Middle East! With headquarters in Al Ain, UAE the company has been established in 1997. What started as a company selling medicines and other veterinary products has led to the largest farrier supply store in the Middle East. The move from veterinary products to farrier items took place in 2004 after a lot of requests were received from farriers who were not able to find professional shoes, nails and tools to fulfil their profession the way they’d like to. Professional craftsmen, after all, need professional material to work with in order to make the horses perform on their best!

Ateeq Al Dhahery Trading Est. exists of a well-educated sales team headed by a veterinarian. They are all experts in farriery, they talk farrier language, understand hoof problems and they know exactly what farriers want and need for every purpose. Constant education within the UAE and abroad makes sure the team members know everything about the latest products available on the market. This makes them the best source of information for all kind of hoof care solutions.


PO Box 19813
Ghanem Ali Bin Hamoodah Building
Opp to Al Ruwaithi Masjid
Zakher Road, Sanaiya
Al Ain, UAE

Tel : +971 3 7214420
Fax: +971 3 7214450
Mobile: +971 50 4914583, +971 55 1014773 


All stock products are being delivered in the UAE within 24 hours by our own sales staff. The staff guarantees an accurate and fast delivery.

A store brimming with your favorite brands and products

As House of Brands partner of the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory, we offer farriers a range of powerful and original brands of horseshoes, nails, farrier tools and accessories. This makes us a dedicated partner offering a convenient one-stop shop with the most specialised brands and products in their industry for professional and quality work .

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Forging the difference together

Dedicated Kerckhaert Partner 

Ateeq Al Dhahery is official Kerckhaert partner in the Middle East, being your local one-stop-shop with all needed quality brands and products for successful work. The motivated team of experts is always ready to advise and inform you. 

House of Brands by Royal Kerckhaert

Building Blocks of Success

Success in a shoeing is not achieved by chance. You build it, building block by building block. Each block being the brand expert in the shoeing process. It’s by bringing these brands together that magic happens in a shoeing. Discover our wide range of dedicated brands and high quality products:
Dedicated to Excellence since 1906

More about the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory

The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory is a family business, founded in 1906 by great-grandfather Honoré Kerckhaert. It is a company where the passion for the craft has been passed on from father to son for four generations. And in all these years, the company has grown into the largest independent horseshoe manufacturer in the world. With the House of Brands, Royal Kerckhaert aims to be a true partner for farriers. Thinking along with the farrier and continued development ensure that every farrier can work carefree with quality products and materials for success and quality in their own work.
Product overview 2024

New options, new possibilities

Discover new arrivals and best sellers! The House of Brands by Royal Kerckhaert is constantly evolving and the brands continue to develop. From a hoof nail with hard-wearing locking in the crease, to ongoing developments in Vettec hoof care and Diamond tools.

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